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Call Number Meanings

HT51-65 Human settlements.  Communities

HT101-395 Urban groups.  The city.  Urban sociology

HT161-165 Garden cities.  “The city beautiful”

HT165.5-169.9 City planning

HT170-178 Urban renewal.  Urban redevelopment

HT201-221 City population; Including children in cities, immigration

HT231 Effect of city life

HT251-265 Mental and moral life

HT281 Recreation.  Amusements

HT321-325 The city as an economic factor.  City promotion

HT330-334 Metropolitan areas

HT351-352 Suburban cities and towns

HT361-384 Urbanization.  City and country

HT388 Regional economics.  Space in economics

HT390-395 Regional planning

HT401-485 Rural groups.  Rural sociology

HT601-1445 Classes

HT621-635 Origin of social classes

HT641-657 Classes arising from birth; Including royalty, nobility, commons

HT675-690 Classes arising from occupation

HT713-725 Caste system

HT731 Freedmen

HT751-815 Serfdom

HT851-1445 Slavery

HT1501-1595 Races; Including race as a social group and race relations in general

N1-58  General

N61-72  Theory.  Philosophy.  Aesthetics of the visual arts

N81-390  Study and teaching.  Research

N400-3990  Art museums, galleries, etc.

N4390-5098  Exhibitions

N5198-5299  Private collections and collectors

N5300-7418  History

N7420-7525.8  General works

N7560-8266  Special subjects of art

N8350-8356  Art as a profession.  Artists

N8510-8553  Art studios, materials, etc.

N8554-8585  Examination and conservation of works of art

N8600-8675  Economics of art

N8700-9165  Art and the state.  Public art

NA1-60 General

NA100-130 Architecture and the state

NA190-1555.5 History

NA1995 Architecture as a profession

NA2000-2320 Study and teaching.  Research

NA2335-2360 Competitions

NA2400-2460 Museums.  Exhibitions

NA2500-2599 General works

NA 2599.5-2599.9 Architectural criticism

NA2695-2793 Architectural drawing and design

NA2835-4050 Details and decoration

NA4100-8480 Special classes of buildings

NA4100-4145 Classed by material

NA4150-4160 Classed by form

NA4170-8480 Classed by use

NA4170-(7020) Public buildings

NA4590-5621 Religious architecture

NA7100-7884 Domestic architecture.  Houses.  Dwellings

NA7910-8125 Clubhouses, guild houses, etc.

NA8200-8260 Farm architecture

NA8300-8480 Outbuildings, gates, fences, etc.

NA9000-9428 Aesthetics of cities.  City planning and beautifying

The Fine Arts Library houses some NAC books, but the HT classification has replaced NAC.

NB1-50 General

NB60-1115 History; Including collective biography

NB1120-1133 Study and teaching

NB1134-1134.4 Competitions

NB1135-1150 General works

NB1160-1195 Designs and technique

NB1199-1200 Restoration of sculptures

NB1203-1270 Special materials

NB1272-1291 Mobiles, color, sculpture gardens, etc.

NB1293-1895 Special forms

NB1293-1310 Portrait sculpture

NB1312-1313 Equestrian statues

NB1330-1685 Sculptural monuments

NB1750-1793 Religious monuments and shrines

NB1800-1880 Sepulchral monuments

NB1910-1952 Special subjects

NC1-45 General; Including collective biography

NC50-266 History of drawing

NC390-670 Study and teaching

NC673-677 Competitions

NC703-725 General works

NC730-758 Technique

NC760-825 Special subjects

NC845-915 Graphic art materials

NC930 Conservation and restoration of drawings

NC950-(996) Illustration

NC997-1003 Commercial art.  Advertising art

NC1280-1284 Printed ephemera.  Imagerie populaire

NC1300-1766 Pictorial humor, caricature, etc.

NC1800-1850 Posters

NC1860-1896 Greeting cards, postcards, invitations, book jackets, etc.

NC1920-1940 Copying, enlarging, and reduction of drawings

ND25-(48) General

ND49-813 History

ND1115-1120 Study and teaching

ND1130-1156 General works

ND1288-1460 Special subjects

ND1290-1293 Human figure

ND1300-1337 Portraits 

ND1340-1367 Landscape painting

ND1370-1375 Marine painting

ND1380-1383 Animals.  Birds

ND1385-1388 Sports.  Hunting, fishing, etc.

ND1390-1393 Still life

ND1400-1403 Flowers.  Fruit.  Trees

ND1410-1460 Other subjects

ND1470-1625 Technique and materials

ND1630-1662 Examination and conservation of paintings

ND1700-2495 Watercolor painting

ND2550-2733 Mural painting

ND2889-3416 Illuminating of manuscripts and books

NE1-978 Printmaking and engraving

NE1-90 General

NE 218-(330) Engraved portraits.  Self-portraits

NE380 Conservation and restoration of prints

NE390-395 Collected works

NE400-773 History of printmaking

NE830-898 General works

NE951-962 Special subjects

NE965-965.3 Tradesmen’s cards

NE970-973 Study and teaching

NE975-975.4 Competitions

NE977-978 Equipment

NE1000-1352 Wood engraving

NE1000-1027 General

NE1030-1196.3 History

NE1220-1233 General works

NE1310-1326.5 Japanese prints

NE1330-1336 Linoleum block prints

NE1340 Fish prints

NE1344-1345 Potato prints

NE1350-1352 Other materials used in relief printing

NE1400-1879 Metal engraving

NE1400-1422 General

NE1620-1630 General works

NE1634-1749 History

NE1750-1775 Copper engraving

NE1850-1879 Color prints

NE1940-2232.5 Etching and aquatint

NE1940-1975 General

NE1980-2055.5 History

NE2120-2140 General works

NE2141-2149 Special subjects

NE2220-2225 Dry point

NE2236-2240.6 Serigraphy 

NE2242-2246 Monotype (Printmaking)

NE2250-2570 Lithography

NE2685-2685.8 Lumiprints

NE2690 Engraving on glass

NE2800-2880 Printing of engravings

NE3000-3002 Copying art.  Copying machine art

NK1-570 General

NK600-806 History

NK1135-1149.5 Arts and crafts movement

NK1160-1590 Decoration and ornament.  Design

NK1160-1174 General

NK 1175-(1498) History

NK1505-1535 General works

NK1548-1590 Special subjects for design

NK1648-1678 Religious art

NK1700-2195 Interior decoration.  House decoration

NK1700-2138 General.  History, etc.; Including special rooms

NK2140-2180 Decorative painting

NK2190-2192 Church decoration

NK2200-2750 Furniture

NK2775-2898 Rugs and carpets

NK2975-3049 Tapestries

NK3175-3296.3 Upholstery.  Drapery

NK3375-3496.3 Wallpapers

NK 3600-(9990) Other arts and art industries

NK3700-4695 Ceramics

NK4700-4890 Costume

NK5100-5440 Glass

NK5500-6060 Glyptic arts

NK6400-8459 Metalwork

NK8800-9505.5 Textiles

NK9600-9955 Woodwork

NX1-260 General

NX280-410 Study and teaching.  Research

NX411-415 Competitions

NX420-430 Exhibitions

NX440-632 History of the arts

NX650-694 Special subjects, characters, persons, religious arts, etc.

NX700-750 Patronage of the arts

NX760-770 Administration of the arts

NX775-777 Voluntarism in the arts 

NX798-820 Arts centers and facilities

SB39  Horticultural voyages, etc.

SB71-87  History

SB107-109  Economic botany 

SB109.7-111  Methods for special areas; Including cold regions, dry farming, tropical agriculture 

SB112  Irrigation farming 

SB113.2-118.46  Seeds.  Seed technology 

SB118.48-118.75  Nurseries.  Nursery industry 

SB119-124  Propagation; Including breeding, selection, grafting, air layering 

SB125  Training and pruning 

SB126  Artificial light gardening 

SB126.5-126.57  Hydroponics.  Soilless agriculture 

SB127  Forcing 

SB128  Growth regulators 

SB129-130  Harvesting, curing, storage 

SB169-172.5  Tree crops 

SB175-177  Food crops 

SB183-317  Field crops; Including cereals, forage crops, grasses, legumes, root crops, sugar plants, textile plants, alkaloidal plants, medicinal plants 

SB317.5-319.864  Horticulture.  Horticultural crops

SB320-353.5  Vegetables

SB354-402  Fruit and fruit culture

SB381-386  Berries and small fruits

SB387-399  Grape culture.  Viticulture

SB401  Nuts

SB403-450.87  Flowers and flower culture.  Ornamental plants

SB406.7-406.83  Plant propagation

SB409-413  Culture of individual plants

SB414  Forcing

SB414.6-417  Greenhouses and greenhouse culture

SB418-418.4  Container gardening

SB419-419.3  Indoor gardening and houseplants

SB419.5  Roof gardening.  Balcony gardening

SB421-439.8  Classes of plants; Including annuals, climbers, ferns, lawns, perennials, shrubs 

SB441-441.75  Flower shows.  Exhibitions 

SB442.5  Care and preparation of cut flowers and ornamental plants for market 

SB442.8-443.4  Marketing.  Cut flower industry.  Florists 

SB446-446.6  Horticultural service industry 

SB447  Preservation and reproduction of flowers, fruits, etc. 

SB447.5  Bonkei.  Tray landscapes 

SB449-450.87  Flower arrangement and decoration 

SB450.9-467.8  Gardens and gardening

SB469-(476.4)  Landscape gardening.  Landscape architecture 

SB481-486  Parks and public reservations; Including theory, management, history 

SB599-990.5  Pests and diseases 

SB608  Individual or types of plants or trees 

SB610-615  Weeds, parasitic plants, etc. 

SB617-618  Poisonous plants 

SB621-795  Plant pathology 

SB818-945  Economic entomology 

SB950-990.5  Pest control and treatment of diseases.  Plant protection 

SB950.9-970.4  Pesticides 

SB973-973.5  Soil disinfection 

SB974-978  Organic plant protection.  Biological control 

SB979.5-985  Inspection.  Quarantine 

SB992-998  Economic zoology applied to crops.  Agricultural zoology; Including animals injurious and beneficial to plants

TH845-895 Architectural engineering.  Structural engineering of buildings

TH900-915 Construction equipment in building

TH1000-1725 Systems of building construction; Including fireproof construction, concrete construction

TH2025-3000 Details in building design and construction; Including walls, roofs

TH3301-3411 Maintenance and repair

TH4021-4977 Buildings: Construction with reference to use; Including public buildings, dwellings

TH5011-5701 Construction by phase of the work (Building trades)

TH6014-6081 Environmental engineering of buildings.  Sanitary engineering ofbuildings

TH6101-6887 Plumbing and pipefitting

TH7005-7699 Heating and ventilation.  Air conditioning

TH7700-7975 Illumination.  Lighting

TH8001-8581 Decoration and decorative furnishings

TH9025-9745 Protection of buildings; Including protection from dampness, fire, burglary

TR250-265  Cameras

TR287-500  Photographic processing. Darkroom technique

TR504-508  Transparencies. Diapositives

TR510-545  Color photography

TR550-581  Studio and laboratory

TR590-620  Lighting

TR624-835  Applied photography; Including artistic, commercial, medical photography, photocopying processes 

TR845-899  Cinematography. Motion pictures 

TR925-1050  Photomechanical processes

TT161-170.7 Manual training.  School shops

TT174-176 Articles for children

TT180-200 Woodworking.  Furniture making.  Upholstering

TT201-203 Lathework.  Turning

TT205-267 Metalworking

TT300-382.8 Painting.  Wood finishing

TT387-410 Soft home furnishings

TT490-695 Clothing manufacture.  Dressmaking.  Tailoring

TT697-927 Home arts.  Homecrafts; Including sewing, embroidery, decorative crafts

TT950-979 Hairdressing.  Beauty culture.  Barbers’ work

TT980-999 Laundry work